What are the challenges and drawbacks?

  •   A lack of ethnic/cultural/spiritual/economic diversity in the congregation
  •   Concerns over the aging congregation and the relative lack of young families and newcomers to the church
  •   Concerns over Steven’s retirement and succession
  •   Several people commented that the congregation is not as inclusive as it could be, especially considering that inclusivity is cited as a core value of the church – they have had trouble getting to know people and navigating the social ‘heirarchy’, or have had negative experiences with some of the more longstanding or active members (negativity, cynicism, judgmental attitudes, factionalism/elitism, etc.)
  •   Concerns about financial instability, both within the church itself and in the greater Vancouver area as a wholeSeveral people were sensitive to what they perceived as pressure to contribute more financially – concerned that the church is exclusionary toward people in lower income brackets
  •   Concerns about too few people undertaking too much of the important work – paradox of committee members needing more help, but also being resistant to accepting it, especially from newcomers
  •   Lack of time/over-commitment in other areas of life prevents many people from being more active in church services or programs
  •   Travel time/lack of accessibility via public transit

Compiled by Marcus Hynes, Office Assistant (info@vancouverunitarians.ca), from responses to survey questionnaires distributed to the UCV congregation in early October, 2016.  

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