Motivations that brought you to UCV/What keeps you going here?

NOTE: There was a great deal of overlap in the answers to both of these questions, so I have combined them into one section.

  •    Seeking a progressive, non-dogmatic spiritual community to be amongst people of like mind –  the church provides many opportunities for social, spiritual, and intellectual engagement
  •    Resonance with Unitarian Universalist values
  •    Seeking spiritual guidance, solace, and comfort following a personal loss or major life change
  •     A desire to be more active role in community affairs through advocacy for/participation in social justice, environmental, and refugee committees
  •    An intangible feeling of ‘coming’ or ‘being’ ‘home’
  •    Seeking a spiritual community that is welcoming to families, youth and small children
  •    Interested in religious education programs (both for adults and for youth/children)
  •    Appreciation of the physical space – the beauty and tranquility of the church buildings and grounds
  •    The ‘outstanding music and musicians’ (enjoyment of the choir was by far one of the most universal responses)
  •    Steven’s sermons/presence/personal approach to the ministry (another very common response)
  •   Familial legacy of Unitarian Universalism and/or referrals from friends and colleagues

Compiled by Marcus Hynes, Office Assistant (, from responses to survey questionnaires distributed to the UCV congregation in early October, 2016.  

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