The Vision Process

Our Vision, Renewed

With the ongoing help of our fellow UCV’ers, the  Vision Task Force engaged in crafting a new Vision and Living Our Vision statement for UCV. We hope that this updated vision statement, approved by the congregation, inspire us and shape our journey as a congregation in the upcoming years, and will be submitted in its completed form to the UCV Board for a final vote.

The Vision task force is also hard at work turning congregational input and feedback into a list of priorities that reflect where we at UCV are as a congregation, and where we collectively want to go.

Why are we doing this?

The UUA recommends that congregations revisit their vision and mission statements every five years, as congregations grow and change, new members join us and old members move or pass away, and the world we live in changes and is changed. UCV’s current vision statement was last updated thirteen years ago. Oops!

It was more than time to check back in with our congregation, and hear from you what your concerns, priorities, and meaning-filled moments and practices are, so that the church’s vision and embodiment of that vision reflect the goals and values of the congregation we are now.

Defining Visiona practical parable of interconnection:

We are the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, journeying together from our shared past into our shared future. We have hiked to the top of a mountain, and are looking out at the vista in front of us. What we see, looking ahead, is our vision. The path we map out to safely cross the terrain in front of us so we can get to that vision is living our vision. Finally, the mountain itself is our shared history and tradition. This supports and grounds us as we move forward, and we would not be where we are and who we are without it.

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